After the Carrera Panamericana was canceled in the mid 50’s, the “Carrera de Costa a Costa”, (Coast to Coast race) became the only full speed competition on roads. There were two editions, the first held in 1963 and the second in 1964.

As a remembrance of the sixties “Costa a Costa” road races we started an international tourist rally race in 2002. It is known as Rally del Golfo al Pacifico., and since it was created it has become a tradition in the mexican rally circle.

On May 3th to 6th, the  XVI edition of the Rally del Golfo al Pacifico, the grand class regularity rally tour for classic and modern sports cars will start. It gathers adventure, tourism, gastronomy and the friendly concurrence of the enthusiastic participants. This wonderful journey will begin in the beautiful port of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico, then it takes an intermediate goal in the State of Morelos and ends in the Pacific in another splendid port, the one and only Acapulco. The reputation of our event has been reflected in the increasing number of competitors, both domestic and foreign, who year by year enjoy the quality of this great competition.


Due to the two mountain chains that divide Mexico, and the different elevations that you cross, you will be able to see more than five different ecosystems, including tropical forests, semiarid desserts and foggy coniferous woodlands.


The scenic roads that connect the coast of the Gulf of Mexico with the coast of the Pacific represent the incomparable scenery for this celebrated experience!

There will be two options of race according to the registered cars and the interests of each competitor:

Rally del Golfo al Pacífico

With an approximate distance to 650 miles in two days of competition, the Rally del Golfo al Pacifico is more demanding and therefore it is suggested to participate with modern cars or with classic cars which characteristics and mechanical conditions are appropriate   to complete the tour and meet the average speeds that are required by the organizing committee especially the first day’s almost 400 miles.

Tour del Sol

It will be a test to be carried out only on Friday, May 5, using the same roads and highways selected for the 2nd day of competition in the Rally del Golfo al Pacifico. It starts in the city of Cuernavaca and its final goal is at Acapulco with an approximate distance of 200 miles. The average speed will be moderate.

How to race the Rally

The primary objective of the competitors will be to complete the rally as accurately as possible. The crew who completes the course with the fewest penalty points WILL WIN. Competitors must follow exactly the instructions contained in the ROADBOOK provided by the Organizing Committee, considering the function of each stage and having as a fundamental point, the pass through each one of the time controls in the indicated IDEAL TIME.

The route has transit, limited and regularity stages and in some cases there will be special tests such as slaloms and acceleration kilometers. To define the results we consider the difference in seconds for each car, both delay and advance, by comparing all the controls on the route, the ideal time versus the real time in all the controls of the route.


Together with state, municipal and sport entities, we develop a highly detailed plan to ensure that safety, mechanical and medical assistance is close at hand during the event. Since our first rally 15 years ago, we haven’t had any security incidents.

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